My whole life changed (well, maybe not my whole life, but that part of my mind that needs to be soothed with the feeling of being organized) when my mother handed me an address book she didn’t intend on using. There it sat on the table, shiny, sleek and purple, my absolute favourite colour, and I thought “I won’t ever use this- all my contacts or on my phone”

Several months later, I don’t think I could ever live without it. There are several reasons why people should stick to old address book, aside from the obvious fact that phones get lost, left in cabs or fall into puddles, and computers get viruses, email accounts change, facebook accounts get deleted. The shock hit me when my boyfriend stopped replying to my messages because he had lost his phone and I realized- I didn’t even have his email address. His whatsapp, wechat and phone number, sure. But email address? Never. Let alone the actual physical address to his apartment.

Since we are constantly adding people on various social media we often can’t actually keep track of their contact information, and often the loss of a single phone could mean losing touch with someone forever. Sure, you can back everything up using the iCloud or sync it with your laptop, but I for one always forget to turn on these functions or don’t know how to use them.


I’ll admit I’m a vain person- the only reason the paperblanks address book convinced me to use it at first is because it looks adorable. But then I actually began to see the true value of an address book, and I don’t think I could ever live without one. It begins with me often having to pull out a number whilst on the phone with someone, or someone asking me for a number and my phone battery having died. I also just like having the peace of mind that all my information is “backed up” as it were. You back up all your photos, why wouldn’t you back up your contact information too? I like knowing I have everyone’s number, and if I see I only have one or two means of contacting them, I can make an effort to find out their email address or posting address so I have several means of reaching out to them when I want to, should they perhaps delete an account or change their number.

I also like the fact that Paperblanks uses acid-free, sustainable forest paper and also recycle in the process of creating their products. They’re environmentally friendly and take care of their craftsmen. I absolutely love the philosophy behind Paperblanks that “art matters” because I absolutely agree- art does matter. And they reflect this in the artwork in all of their products. I suppose I have a weakness for any stationery that reminds me of my home in India through their designs, be it mandala’s, paiseley or just rich and vibrant colours.

I’m absolutely excited to continue using this address book, and I strongly encourage everyone to use an address book- just in case!