Hello everyone!

So I was recently on Mygreencow’s Youtube channel (my not-so-guilty pleasure) and I found a video reviewing a Lifestyle Planner by a fairly new company called Pirongs. Pirongs is a firm that offers primarily teaching planners and diaries, but they have a new line of Lifestyle Planners called Uniques- a range of fully customizeable planners tailored to fit your specific taste and needs. When I heard the idea of being able to choose a cover and layout to my own liking, I immediately ordered one- after I had spent four hours customizing mine, of course! Not that  the website was hard to use, its actually fairly easy to create your layout, I just wanted  make sure I had loked at every single cover design, every single insert, every single option before deciding on mine. Well, it finally arrived, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!



When you customize your Pirongs Planner, you begin with the cover. There’s a vast variety of designs you can choose from, or you could even opt to design a cover including a collage of all your favourite family photos or memories! I thought that idea was really cute, but I intend on taking this planner with me to meetings and professional settings as well- and don’t particularly want everyone to be able to see photos of my friends and I in Thailand. However, I did add my name, as I thought it was quite a cute touch, to the planner. You can also choose the colour of the spirals, bookmark and a cute little elastic that’ll keep your planner shut when you take it out and about with you. As far as I know, there’s not that many spiral and bookmark colour to choose from, but I like having the option between black, white and silver, as it can definitely change “the feel” of your planner and the look you’re going for.

You can also choose one of three layouts as to how your planner’s layout is set up: two horizontal and one vertical layout. I chose the vertical layout, where your day goes down vertically and is split into morning, afternoon and evening.


The daily layout also comes with cute little extras like “to-do” lists, check-lists and a “weekly goal”. I also like that there’s a very miniature calendar at the top left-hand corner, so I can just highlight important dates to remind myself to flip to the according page and check what event is on that day.

Each month, you get to pages that create a “month at a glace” layout to pencil in the most important events of the month.



Each month has a different color scheme, and I absolutely fell in love with the adorable little strawberry for August:


You can see the various themes for each month in a full-year calendar at the very front of the planner as well:


Another feature about the Pirongs planner is that, instead of a few pages entitled “notes” that you rarely end up using because you can’t figure out which information is important enough to use up space in your planner, you can choose from various pages at the back of your planner. The back of my planner includes lists of books to read, movies to watch, expenses, contacts, financial wish lists, new years resolutions, christmas card recipient lists and contacts, but there are many more options you can choose from. My absolute favourite part was this little page you can add for for your goals and aspirations. Choosing all of these pages also don’t cost extra at all, but adding an elastic or a pen holder can add a teensy bit to the final price.


Finally, you can also choose to add pockets to your planner, and to my great surprise, I found a few cute stickers in my planner! They also added some tabs, and clear instructions and a template the instructs you on where exactly to put the tabs, which I found immensely helpful.



And… ta-da! The final product was my gorgeous planner:



The final price including an elastic and pen holder was 24GBP, plus shipping made 36GPB. I found the shipping to be extremely pricey, as I was shipping within the EU, but perhaps if you ship within the UK it’s less expense.

And that’s my new planner! I’m very excited to start using this, and will soon write a blog post about how I’m setting up and using this planner.